Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mercer Mayer Skypes with a school, a new Little Critter stuffed animal and more!

In the "Cool News" category of the month, Mercer Mayer did a Skype session with some students at Van Meter and Amana Elementary schools in Iowa on February 13, 2013.  Some very lucky kindergarten through third grade students now have an amazing memory that I hope will stick with them for life.

Shannon McClintock Miller arranged the whole thing with Mercer Mayer and the rest is something most of us can only imagine.  She created an awesome video about the event here.  She also blogged about it here (which includes lots of pictures of Mercer Mayer and the kids enjoying themselves...plus a video of Mercer Mayer drawing Little Critter). 

Sadly, the "Just Me and Little Critter" book that the kids all created at the start of the school year is gone from the Little Bird Tales website. It was here (it is possible that they moved it).

If you haven't "Like"d Mercer Mayer's official Facebook page, go for it here: http://www.facebook.com/MercerMayer

Also in recent Mercer Mayer news:

An official Little Critter Stuffed Animal (er... stuffed critter)!  You can see it behind Mercer Mayer in the picture above (it is the lower smaller one).  Amazon has it available now for a little over 30% off.  Merry Makers is making it, but it isn't available on their site yet.

The Little Critter stuffed critter is available here.

A brand new Little Critter book is due next month
Just a Big Storm

Official write-up: "When a big storm passes over their house, Little Critter® and his family lose power! What will they do without it?"

I'm sure this will be a great companion to Just a Thunderstorm.

Coming in May:
Just One More Pet

Official write-up: "Little Critter discovers a lost doggy hiding in the bushes. He isn't sure who the doggy belongs to, but he tries to take very good care of him until his owner shows up. When the doggy goes missing, Little Critter gets worried. Can Little Critter handle just one more pet?"

A new My First I Can Read book is coming in November:
Just a Little Love

(no pictures or description released yet)

That's all for now.  Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the zipperump-a-zoos bite!